Bet on Asian handicap in live

Asian Handicap is becoming more and more popular in the betting world and is offered from all major bookmakers. However, if you try to play Asian handicap on live matches then you have to be very careful for an interesting feature which can make you wrong.

But first here are some words about betting on Asian handicap for those who are not familiar with it. In Asian handicap some advantage is given to one of the two teams. This advantage can be something like 1.5 goals. Then there is no difference between an ordinary handicap and the Asian handicap. A win with 2 or more goals can beat the Asian Handicap. However, many times you can see something like this – Asian Handicap 1.5; 2 goals. In this type of handicap, your bet is split into two parts. Half of it goes to a bet with an advantage of 1.5 goals and the other half goes to a bet with an advantage of 2 goals. So if the team you supported lost by two goals, half of your bet will be lost as the result beats the advantage of 1.5 goals and the other half will be a returned bet.

So much for the explanations of what is Asian Handicap. Now about our main topic. When Asian handicap is played on a live match it is mandatory to remember that the bookmakers offer their handicap against momentary goals. Thus, if the bet is made before the match in Asian Handicap the advantage of 1.5 means that it can be beaten with a score of 2-0. When playing on live everything is different.

Let’s say you have a match that is currently 2-0 for the hosts. When you look at the Asian handicap section, you can see the offer is +2 goals for the away team. This doesn’t mean that if the match ends 3:0 the Asian handicap would be beaten. Since the current result is 2:0 for the host the required result to beat an Asian handicap of 2 goals is minimum 5-0 or any other score with five goals difference.

This is a feature of Asian Handicap which often confuses the punters and should therefore be considered very carefully before you make a real bet.