How to deal with betting houses

Sometimes even with the best and most reliable betting houses a punter can have problems. Most often a betting coupon is gone or a bet is not taken as correct. The latter can happen even if you see it clearly that your predictions are correct. What can we do in such cases?

The most wrong thing you can do is to start raising scandals and threaten the betting house. Usually at such situations the punters say they are going to tell everybody about this case and they will do everything to ruin the bookmaker’s public name and so on.

With such remarks you won’t frighten anyone. You talk with an operator and he or she simply lacks the power to solve your case. They can simply guide you.

So, having left behind the hostility and bad treatment to people, do the following. Contact with the chat and talk to the operator. Show him the number of your bet and ask why it is non-winning.

He will ask you for some information you must provide in order to ensure that he speaks with the owner of the account. He’ll want an access code and this code is different from your password. This is very important. There is no option in which an operator to ask for your login password. If something like this happens just exit the chat. You may be caught in a scam.

The needed code is given to you in your registration and is used as a substitute for your password. It however can’t be used to log into the system. It is just for the conversations with an operator.

What happens if you forget this code? Then they will ask you for different information about your account. If you give it correctly, they will give you a new code and will answer your questions.

If their answers don’t satisfy you and you still don’t receive the money ask them politely to connect you with the chief on duty at the time. He has the power to rule out your case. If he or she refuses to do it, there is nothing more you could do. The betting house is the final instance in your relationship and that limits you. This is one of the mandatory items in your contract that you agreed upon registration.

Of course such thing happens in very rare cases.