Levski vs Botev my betting prediction

A match which is a gift for anyone who wants to make money from betting. This is what I will offer you now, though I am fully aware that such things like sure bets don’t exist and if you find some you shouldn’t try to take any advantage of it. However, this is a match in which the victory for the favorite is estimated at 1.72, but in my humble opinion it shouldn’t be greater than 1.2. The difference is huge, right?

Which game is it? This is a match from the second round of the championship of Bulgaria and it is between the teams of Levski Sofia and Botev Plovdiv. Levski, as each year, are among the favorites for the first place in the league and Botev again is between the best teams in Bulgaria, having been sent off in amateur football for financial problems a few years ago.

What can be said for both teams? Botev Plovdiv is a team with rich traditions in Bulgaria. They have made big investments this year for buying new players and among their additions we can see some names from Levski’s squad from last year. All these new signings somehow explain why the bookies offer so high odds for a home win in this match. The team started with an excellent 3-0 victory at home against Slavia Sofia, but Levski is another class compared with Slavia.

Some words about Levski. The most important thing that can be said about them at this time is the fact that the team is ahead in its preparations. This is because the players were getting ready for a breakthrough in Europe, which however, didn’t take place. Levski were surprisingly eliminated by Sarajevo in Bosnia. Anyway, what is important is that the players of Levski are prepared to start the season at their peak. Something that cannot be said for Botev’s players.

That’s why I believe that this match will go in favor of Levski and I believe that the proposed odds for a home win here are much higher than the reality shows.

If you don’t know anything about these teams here is a video about Levski Sofia